Trilithon Partners at a glance.

Trilithon Partners provides consulting and free-lance program management to a broad array of arts institutions and to the executives who lead them. I understand and serve the vital components that contribute to your success – including research, audience/patron analysis, brand positioning, communications & marketing, loyalty program and fundraising efforts.  My experience is based on engagements with performing arts programs, museums, contemporary dance programs, symphonies, opera companies, and arts education initiatives. I approach every challenge with the belief that an open mind and a clear point of view can unlock the potential that exists in each institution.

The creation of art

Anyone who works in the arts has a hand in the creation of art.  Artists – composers, musicians, painters, and the like – employ talent and hard work to create and interpret compelling artworks for their audiences.  Managers and directors in arts organizations create as well, from the perspective of presenting artistic experiences – curators, programmers, marketers, producers and fundraisers are involved in the labyrinth that is an exhibition, a show, a festival.  Both the artist and the arts professional share much in common – training, skill, a sense of the muse and a feel for those who support the arts.

The business of the arts

And anyone who works in the arts knows that a great artistic idea cannot live and grow without sound business practices behind it.  Practices like a compelling vision; a curatorial focus; a sustainable organizational structure and business plan; an effective marketing and communications platform; an analytical approach to maximizing revenue; and most importantly, a commitment to building and engaging a “family” of friends, ticket buyers, members and donors.  Trilithon Partners lives comfortably in both worlds, and understands the connection between the creative and the business aspects – and how the two work together – of the arts in the 21st Century.