What we do for our clients.

Your customer data, primary research, competitive set, positioning, execution and management systems all are all part of a comprehensive set of services.

Your data

Nonprofit institutions of all sizes have business data, some organizations have a lot it.  In many cases, relationships and insights are locked inside it, or are revealed when brought together in one comprehensive point of view. These insights form the foundation for an analytical approach that can unearth opportunities for patron engagement and revenue growth. My approach involves a deep view into measures including patron segments and their involvement with your offerings, contributed revenue (donors), the relationship between the two, cost of patron acquisition, and marketing exposure (both digital and traditional), among others.

Primary research

A fresh, external view of patrons and prospects can provide additional insight to a comprehensive view of the organization – which provides critical linkages, as well as fill in gaps that may exist in your data. I have developed a unique primary research protocol through the Qualtrics analytical suite that sheds light on measures like attitudes and motivations, how your patrons perceive and participate in your offerings, and relevant demographic variables. Further, my extensive experience in this area can unearth these insights in a detailed and cost-effective manner.

Competitive set

Nonprofit institutions compete every day. They compete for awareness, consideration, donors, grants, the works. They compete against other nonprofit institutions. They compete geographically, with other adjacent markets. Understanding your position in the minds of donors and prospects as they go through their decision-making process to give and support adds another important layer of insight about the “market” – and your role in it. I provide an easy-to-view contextual map of the relationship between your organization and your most relevant competitors – the final piece of the puzzle that can lead you toward an effective market strategy.


At its core the fundamental benefit to gaining insights is developing a plan to leverage them, and communicating them to your patrons – all in service of bringing them closer to you.  The foundation of this approach is called positioning, which included four basic principles: (1) your target audience, or segment; (2) your desired outcome or attitude; (3) what makes your offering more unique or appealing; and (4) tangible reasons for your target to believe your assertions.  As a formal statement, it provides clarity to your staff – a clear set of marching orders.  As a strategy, it provides a clear road map for plan development and execution.


Plans can take on many shapes and sizes.  Based on my professional background as a marketing planner and my extensive nonprofit experience, I develop and execute plans in the following areas:

  • Brand identity
  • Creative development
  • Advertising/media placement
  • Digital and social media programs
  • Direct marketing
  • Membership
  • Development/fundraising

My key operational focus is creating a seamless program, which I can support by myself or in concert with your staff.


Even small, emerging nonprofit organizations utilize patron management systems.  The combination of open source technology and cloud computing provides powerful solutions to institutions large and small.  Understanding and utilizing that power allows you to capture, analyze and report on programs for building closer patron support.  My services include a comprehensive level of use, integration and selection of a broad array of applications, including:

  • Ticketing
  • Donor/CRM management
  • Digital/social media management
  • Financial management